Feel the healing energy...

Feel the healing energy…

In gratitude for my clients….sharing their experience from receiving massage.

“Laurel Valli’s work with me has been healing on all levels. What is particularly unique about the massages I received from Laurel while she lived in Hawaii was that I could “feel” more than just the average massage. She brings an additional form of energy healing that I found very beneficial. In addition, the added touch of essential oils, and different massage techniques like, Lomi-lomi, made me feel even more pampered. Laurel was able to produce some amazing results with my body while maintaining a gentle and nurturing hand. Her ethics and professionalism assured me that I was in good hands at all times.” I highly recommend her. She is a gifted healer.                 Patricia C. Herrera, M.A.

“I have had many massages over the years and I have to say that the one I received from Laurel was one of the best I have ever had. She has just the right pressure- enough to soothe my muscles but not too much that I felt pain, as I have with other practitioners. She has a calm and easy-going presence which is important to me; I was very comfortable the entire time. After my massage, I felt extremely relaxed- almost as if I were floating. I highly recommend Laurel–I can’t wait to see her again!” Stephanie J

The minute Laurel’s hands touch your body you know something wonderful is about to happen.  Whether it is massage, Reiki, cranial sacral, etc. my experience is one of deep relaxation, healing and  peace.  I now benefit from Laurel’s distant healing since we currently live in different time zones.  I am grateful to have Laurel, owner of Valli Energy Healing in my life and highly recommend her.” Linda March, owner Room With A Doo  West Hartford, CT

“I found Laurel’s work to be so much more than massage, although the relief from pain that I received as a result of my session with her has never been surpassed. She helps the body, mind and spirit to integrate and work as a team! Relaxing, healing, awakening – her work is magical!” Judi C.



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