Healing Modalities

The following massage and healing modalities are offered in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area.

     Therapeutic Energy Massage
Luxurious strokes using light to moderate pressure in a consistent flow focusing on releasing tension, tightness and energy blocks in the body.  Supports stimulation and balancing of the nervous system activating the body’s natural healing process.  Healing benefits include deep relaxation, increased circulation, flushing of body toxins, and improved muscular function.  In addition, for people with cancer and cancer histories, massage therapy is often a powerful healing intervention.  Skilled, structured touch has the potential to relieve symptoms and help people feel whole and empowered. (excerpt from Tracy Walton, MS, LMT)

      Myofascial Release (See Separate Page for detailed information)
Myofascial release is a safe and very effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into restrictions in the connective web of tissue that creates and supports the human body.  Movement and release of these tensions can eliminate pain and restore the body to its normal state of fluid, flowing movement.  This treatment can provide relief to those experiencing pain from headaches, backaches, or other chronic pain issues.  The treatment allows your mind, body and spirit to enter a state of deep relaxation allowing the body to activate its innate healing abilities.

      Sound Healing
This unique experience involves energy massage and the soothing vibrations from the Tibetan singing bowls used directly on tight muscle groups to relieve muscle tension and joint aches.  Singing bowls are also played during your energy healing session promoting deep relaxation for stress reduction and healing of stress related disorders.  Sound vibrational healing has been known to facilitate breaking the pain cycle allowing nerve endings to send new messages to the brain.  The vibrations can boost  your immune system, detoxify down to the cellular level, provide relief from headaches, fatigue, and insomnia in addition to increasing your body, mind, spirit connection.

An ancient, gentle, hands-on energy healing technique that emerged in 19th century Japan.  It is the healing energy of the universe that flows through the hands of the reiki practioner encouraging a response from the client’s own energy source.  Reiki facilitates a deep state of relaxation and can be used to reduce stress, manage pain and promote healing.  Reiki brings balance and peace to the body, mind, and spirit.  Reiki can be used to complement conventional medicine and is widely accepted in hospitals, hospice and medical facilities throughout the country.

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