My journey continues as I write to you from my new home in Colorado Springs, CO.  I spent two amazing years on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii and now I have returned to the mainland to continue to pursue my dreams.  I traveled to Colorado early in 2014 to learn equine craniosacral therapy.  Connecting to the loving spirit of horse has been a blessing. I met an incredible group of healers and realized this was a positive next step in my life to learn more and to continue to share my light in the world.

My transformational journey in life started when I attended a workshop with Tama Kieves, author of This Time I Dance. What was stopping me from living the life that I wanted and shining my light in this world? Nothing but myself and beliefs of limitation that were hardwired into my body, mind, and spirit!. Trust the journey, and so the journey began.

Following Tama, I hit the high seas on the “Oceans of Gratitude” cruise. The catalysts of change were on that ocean of devotion. I was blessed to meet Michael & Ricky Beckwith from Agape Spiritual Center; Linda Friedman my soon to be reiki master, and Christine Stevens from Upbeat Drum Circles. Since that incredible voyage in 2008, I have been riding the waves of light and love. I traveled to Hawaii to become a reiki master. I fell in love with the energy of the land and I knew that one day I will call Hawaii my home. I journeyed to Peru traveling with the Quero elders learning their culture, visiting ancient Inca sites, and receiving many divine healings.  I transported myself to the Big Island of Hawaii communing with the wild dolphins being filled with joy, love, and high vibrational frequency healing, not to mention all of the amazing healers and kahunas I was honored to meet.  I went to Bimini to swim with the amazing spirit dolphins of that area.  What an incredible time of healing and meeting more amazing people.

My life in corporate America ended in 2009 when the universe arranged for my job to be outsourced. What a blessing in disguise. I was always in a field that was intended to help people, which led me to massage therapy school. I finally found a way to be my authentic self and help people through healing touch, caring, and compassion. I have realized my innate abilities to facilitate healing for others. I continue to do my own work of connecting the body, mind, and spirit so that I may help others facilitate their own healing work. I am so grateful for all of the wonderful people I have met on my journey. The world is filled with people shining their light and sharing their love. So many times I would hear a voice in my head saying “who are you to do this” and I would always answer saying “all of the divine gifts of the universe are active and available to me right now and who am I not to take advantage of the simple blessings in life!”

Through my training as a massage therapist I have learned to respect the human body as an intricate community of amazing systems that were designed to work in harmony with one another. The community as a whole has attributes of body, mind, and spirit. I believe that dysfunction in one system weakens the community as a whole. I approach the facilitation of healing from an energetic level connecting with the body, mind, and spirit vibration through healing touch and sound. I utilize Earth’s natural healers from the plant and mineral kingdom to assist with the overall healing process. I believe in forming a partnership with clients working together to facilitate a perfect, whole, and complete body, mind, spirit connection.

Peace and Blessings,

Laurel Valli
Massage Therapist
Colorado Springs, Colorado

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  1. laurel: wonderful words, wonderful wisdom – i am so happy you are happy and in a magical place where you can do so much to help and heal those who need your special talents! as always, wishing you love and light – TJ

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