Recreate a Fluid Flowing Body

Large Multi Color Wave

Do you rush through the days of your life without awareness to the simple beauty of living? Are you able to have a few moments of quiet allowing your breath to connect the wonder of your body, mind and spirit? Perhaps your body has been sending you subtle messages in the form of minor aches, pains and general stiffness. These twinges are not enough to stop the flow of your daily life; yet they are a constant reminder that your body is not in a current state of fluidity and flow allowing you to do all the things in life that bring you joy. Do you ever wonder why your body is not in alignment with the amazing activities that your mind dreams of?

The goal at Valli Energy Healing is to nurture you toward wholeness. We will create a sacred space allowing your body to connect the pathways of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy. We will co-create a healing experience using my intuitive, energetic tools and your desire to release limiting patterns and behaviors while actively participating in your own healing process.

My services will be a perfect fit for you if:
You’re seeking relief from chronic pain.
Experiencing muscle tension, joint aches and general body stiffness.
Need frozen shoulder healing and support.
Seek relief from headaches, fatigue and insomnia.
Want to boost your immune system.
Want to alleviate anxiety, tension and stress.
Desire greater balance of body, mind and spirit.
Rejuvenate your cellular health and support greater vitality.

We will create customized sessions to address your areas of concern blending my tools of:
Energy Massage
Myofascial Release
Sound Healing

A state of pure joy and bliss is your natural state. Step into your divine brilliance living and expressing that which brings you joy!

Review the “Healing Modalities” page for an explanation of each offering.

Please contact me with questions or to schedule an appointment for massage and other healing treatments.  I am currently in Colorado Springs, CO and I am available for out call services in the area.




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